Vinyl-Tech Nosings should always be professionally installed



1) Count stair treads and and add one extra.

2) Know the stairway type your measuring-See diagram. If stairs are open on one or both sides measure the returns and add the appropriate amount sufficient for the job.

3) (Optional) choose nosing depth- See diagram box under "Custom Dimension". Smallest depth recommended is no less than 3". Standard nosings are manufactured with full board depth.

All dimensions in the diagram are +/- depending on thickness of vinyl.


Prepare and Clean stairway. Cut back plywood nosings ( if carpet was previously installed). Measure and cut flooring planks to fit treads and risers. Measure and cut nosings to fit each stair. Glue bottom of nosing and along the plywood of nosing generously and evenly with a premium adhesive product.

Note: All treads, risers and nosings must be glued and fastened securely.


All VINYL-TECH Nosings come with a Quality Manufacturing Guarantee.